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What is On-Site SEO

What is On-Site SEO?

Onsite SEO is the process you must do to ensure your website is search engine friendly. Basically ensuring that the code, copy and other elements within your website structure enable search engines to easily crawl and understand the content of your site. Why? The easier your site is ‘read’ by the likes of Google and Bing, the better your ranking and therefore the better your searchability is.

Some areas to check (as we do in our deep SEO audit) are:

1. Page titles and keyword
Page titles should be under 70 characters in length and include keywords.

2. Headings
Make sure you have an H1 tag to each page and include a keyword that’s relevant to that page. Use only one H1 tag, and afterward, use multiple H2 to H6 tags.

3. Link anchors (internal links)

Internal links establish easy site navigation, and can create a content hierarchy and boost your ‘link juice’.

4. Image Optimization

There are 4 ways to ensure an image is SEO friendly: a) The filename: This is the name of the image file so make sure it uses the keywords you want to focus on. b) Title Text: This text will display when a user hovers over the image. It should include your keyword, and describe the image. c) Alt-Text: This text will display if an image fails to load. This should include the keyword and describe the image. d) Image size: Before uploading to a website, an image should be compressed and properly sized. You can use a tool like Photoshop or a free web tool like Compress JPEG.

5. URL Structure

The URL structure is an important part of SEO. Use hyphens to-separate-each-part-of-the-url.

6. Food site navigation

Making your site easy to navigate also helps to decrease bounce rate (a google ranking factor). Make sure that users can find exactly what they want and follow your calls to action you are offering.

7. Mix up your content

A balanced mix of copy, slides, video and compelling images will keep your audience engaged.


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