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Social Media Audit

Social Media Audit Report

Are you getting what you want from your Social Media?

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, retail, manufacturing, food or construction, you can’t NOT be on social media.   But are your social media channels doing their job?

A Business Can’t Survive on Likes

It takes more than a few photos of your cats on Instagram to drive traffic to your business site.   Social Media for business is far different than Social Media for ‘fun.’

The basic purpose of social for business to connect with your potential and existing customers and build a community that will create positive buzz and drive qualified traffic to your site.

Reviewing your social strategies can reveal hidden opportunities and identify choke points that are keeping followers from becoming readers and customers.

A social media audit allows us to review your current social media efforts and reveal missed opportunities and choke points that are stopping people click ‘sale.’ You also need to understand which channels offer the best chances to connect with your customers and generate a return on your investment.   And don’t forget. Your TIME is part of that investment.

Build a More Effective Social Strategy with a Social Media Marketing Audit

Social media is crucial to building your brand’s reach and search engine presence. It also amplifies the content you are creating giving you an avenue to share your blog posts, articles, infographics, etc.

Our audit will include evaluating the current situation of your social channels, follower counts, engagement, and shares.

We will show you where your efforts have worked and where they are falling short. We will review what people r saying about your brand and when, and where.

We then chart and recommend a specific course forward, based on your needs.

This includes developing personas of your target market. This includes general demographics – age, gender, etc, but also WHERE they are online and what are their digital habits. This will lead us to recommend which social channels to focus on as well as the type of content that will perform best with your target personas. Click here to learn more about developing your own marketing plan!

Moving ahead, we can even take the reins through social media management, as well as your content marketing, social promotion, and SEO.

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