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Free PPC Assessment

Free PPC Assessment

Is your business requiring a Pay Per Click Assessment?

Have you been considering running paid search (pay per click) programs to help drive traffic to your website, but are perhaps not sure if it is a good fit for you and your business? Optimized Webmedia’s Pay Per Click Assessment provides an unbiased evaluation of the market and the opportunities to determine if you would get the desired return for your pay per click advertising campaigns and efforts. Our Pay Per Click Assessment evaluates key success factors critical to launching profitable PPC campaigns. Let us assess if pay per click is right for you, as well as provide you with specific recommendations for driving more profitable traffic to your website if you should choose to add paid search to your marketing mix. Already doing paid search and want to know if your paid search campaigns are structured and optimized to provide you with the absolute best results? Then, learn about my Pay Per Click Audit. Optimized Webmedia’s pay per click success factors include: 1. Market
  • How large is your market?
  • Do you serve the B2C or B2B market?
  • How does your market niche compare to other online markets?
2. Demographics
  • Would a significant portion of your primary target market go online to learn about or purchase the products or services you offer?
  • Do you serve a local, regional, national or international market?
3. Product or Service
  • Do you have a broad selection of products and services or a very narrow focus?
  • Do you sell products or services with gross margins conducive to successful pay per click advertising?
4. Website
  • How does your website compare to those you compete directly and indirectly against in the market?
  • How does it look from a visitor perspective – design, usability, trust elements, conversion path, load speed, etc.?
5. Landing Pages
  • How do your landing pages compare to those you compete against in both the organic and paid search listings?
  • Is the landing page the most relevant page on your site based on the ad copy?
6. Keywords
  • What keywords do most potential customers search on to find the products or services you offer?
  • How many keyword phrases are relevant to your market?
  • What would be the top priority keywords?
7. Tracking
  • Is your website structured to easily place pay per click platform tracking code on your site?
  • Do you have accurate and redundant tracking programs in place to ensure you are collecting and measuring the most accurate details for non-paid search traffic?
8. Reporting
  • Do you have the right metrics in place to accurately measure the effectiveness of your paid search program?
  • Do you have reports set up at the proper levels of detail, with the appropriate measures and correct timing?
Interested in learning more about our Pay Per Click Assessment? Please contact us to start a conversation!

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