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Local SEO

Build your Community with Local SEO

Being that we have a new office  here in New Westminster, we are right there with our clients, using every trick, tip, and strategy to get our own brand and location noticed. And what does ‘get noticed’ in the digital age mean? For the most part, it means making sure you are ranking high in […]
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Why your online marketing team should be local

“It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood,” TV Icon Mr. Rogers used to sing. It really is a beautiful day in the ’hood of New Westminster, BC, and it’s an exciting time to partner with our neighbours to grow our community. You’ve probably noticed the #buylocal movement on social media (and in real life) lately. […]
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you get what you pay for

When it comes to digital, you get what you pay for

Being that I am slightly obsessive about building strong buyer personas, I have been spending a bit of time perusing the career sites.  I wanted to see what digital holes companies were trying to fill by hiring in-house.   I also wanted to see what sort of skills they are looking for. It has been eye-opening, […]
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Search Engine Optimization

Should You Bet on Bing?

Since VanWhistle Media is new as a stand-alone company, I have been doing for it what I would do for our clients who need help getting set up online. Online doesn’t just mean your social channels either.  Getting found online means tackling Google My Business (and all the other things Google tells you to have […]
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Google Search

Let’s Talk Google

For people searching for an answer to questions like “what was the name of the robot in lost in space?” Google is the font of all knowledge.  It is also where people go to find people who can do ‘stuff’ for them like “drywall repair in Vancouver.”  There are roughly 3.5 billion searches on Google […]
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Personal vs business social strategies: What’s the diff?

I know the many hats that today’s small business owners wear. When they have so much on their plates, they often look for shortcuts to save themselves time. As an online marketer, it makes me cringe when I see them treating their social channels like a personal account. For businesses, this is a HUGE no-no! […]
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