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Maximize Your Holiday Season Digital Marketing

According to the Retail Council of Canada’s most recent survey, Black Friday is in and Boxing Day is out.  And by out, we mean only 25% of people surveyed are planning on hitting the Boxing Day Sales, versus the 40% who are geared up for Black Friday.  So, despite the whole Black Friday thing being a totally US concept that has overtaken THEIR Thanksgiving.  We Canadians are stoked for it. Basically, we want our sale prices BEFORE Christmas and not after.

Black Friday is on the 23rd this year.  If you are in retail and haven’t been prepping for this, you may already be too late.  By prep, I mean marketing your sale opportunities to your target audience.  Ironically, despite Black Friday’s US origins, those surveyed are also feeling really keen about shopping Canadian this year.   This is your time to shine!

And we would like to help.

Introducing our Holiday Marketing Plan.

Get the most customers from the biggest retail holiday of the year with our 2-month campaign that starts December 1st and runs to February 1st.

What’s included in this campaign you ask?

  • Social media campaigns/Ads designed to attract your target audience
  • Custom Christmas theme social media account designs
  • Daily social media posting on your top two social media channels
  • Customized holiday keywords for SEO
  • Customized on-page optimization using holiday sales keywords
  • Holiday sales content writing and pop-up landing page design for your WordPress site.
  • Local holiday brochure or coupon design
  • Holiday theme creation on your website
  • Holiday sales blog writing (blog page creation included)
  • Holiday newsletter contents/template design

November 29th is the deadline to sign up for this, so don’t take too long to decide.  Contact us today.