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What Your Website is Missing

When a potential client reaches out to us, they are usually vague about their needs when it comes to digital marketing.  Many are not sure about the jargon being used (what does SEO actually mean?) or are dissatisfied with leads their social media channels are generating or unhappy with the lack of traffic to their brand new and expensive website.

When it comes to websites, we see a lot nice looking ones that have focused on the look of the site and are lacking in the function and backend performance.   That is the key difference between a web designer and web developer and to get a well-performing site for your business, you need a bit of both.

Your site visitors need to see:

  1. A banner/image/logo that is not only nice looking but also explains the business
  2. A clear call to action.
  3. Contact us information and page
  4. Clear and concise information about your product and or service
  5. Well organized menus without too many submenus
  6. Email or newsletter sign up
  7. Gallery (images or videos)
  8. Testimonials
  9. A Blog

Technically speaking this means building a site that not only looks good but works hard at attracting customers.

A few things to consider if you feel your site is lacking:

  • Is the content of your site optimized to attract customers using targeted keywords? Does the content on your site reflect the language that your target audience uses when searching on Bing or Google.
  • Is your site secure? Look at your URL in the browser.  If you don’t have this symbol beside your URL, then you will not be deemed ‘secure’ by browsers like Chrome to visit.   For Chrome, secure means that the site has an SSL certificate that certifies that the site is encrypted and the person who installed the certificate owns the domain.
  • Make sure your site admin is easy to manage. We like WordPress.  Most WordPress themes are easy to customize and manage when it comes to optimizing your site.
  • Make sure you don’t have duplicate content from other pages on your site and (horror) other people’s sites.
  • Are you missing Meta and Alt tags?
  • Do your images have titles?
  • Make sure your contact form is sending pertinent auto-replies to your customers.
  • Is your site mobile friendly and responsive? More people are using their phones to find what they need.

Digital marketing takes more than some snappy images on Instagram and some pretty images on your website.  All the parts must work together.  Your social media needs to tie into the core of your brand and your website is what represents your brand online.  There is no point sending people to a website that doesn’t sell your product or service.   If the site is slow or boring or hard to navigate, people will leave and head to the next in line.

Don’t let that keep happening.  Talk to us.  We would be happy to look at your site and learn about your digital marketing and see what we can do to make it better.