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Even Small Businesses Can Have a Large Online Presence

Social media for business can feel intimidating and complicated.  And for a small business, it can feel pointless when it comes to getting noticed on sites like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.  But getting noticed is a lot easier than you think, because many brands (big and small) are not doing it right?

And what is the wrong way you ask?  Being on social media just because you think you are supposed to won’t get you anywhere.  In fact, unless you are posting where your target audience is hanging out, it probably will be pointless.  And that is where small businesses have an advantage of larger national and international brands.

For a small business, social media success does not depend on the number of followers or likes you have.  These are vanity measurements.  Instead, it depends on engagement.   Social media for small businesses is about building relationships with your customers.   Online reviews have become more and more important to consumers.  In a 2017 report, it showed that 85% of consumers trusted online recommendations as much as one’s from someone they knew.


That means nurturing an online community for your brand that welcomes, input, reviews, and questions are crucial to building a community that will sell your brand for you.  There are more than 50 million small businesses using Facebook Pages to connect with their customers (Source: Facebook).  And despite the news of data breaches and other negative stories hitting us about Facebook, it is still the most used channel with over 2 billion users worldwide.  Facebook pages are a great way to foster relationships with your customer base.


Twitter has over 336 million active users.  Twitter is used by consumers to share either their appreciation or frustration with a brand or business.  Twitter users expect a timely response to their tweets too.  Twitter is still one of the top channels to grow your audience and share your content.  However, Instagram has overshadowed both for engagement.


90% of Instagram users are under 35. Which means this is the channel you need to focus on if your audience is millennials, teens or female.  What makes social channels like Instagram and Twitter useful is the interaction they give you with your customer base.

Social Media Management

But how do you manage all these channels?   As noted, you really should only focus on those most effective for your business.  Knowing where your audience is, is crucial to growing your audience and customer leads. The other challenge is not having the time, resources, or budget to effectively manage an online presence.

And that is where we come in.

We offer a low-cost Social Media Management package designed specifically for a small businesses budget.

For only $997 per month, we can:

  • Create original branded content daily/weekly/monthly across your chosen social media channels
  • Provide real-time monitoring & engagement
  • Provide real-time communications with our team
  • Weekly/monthly analysis and reporting

Instead of posting on social ‘because you should’ you can get real results based on a strategy designed to increase your audience, drive community engagement and attract more customers.

Contact us now to get started on your monthly marketing plan.