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4 Reasons to your Review your Digital Automotive Marketing Strategy

Did you know that prospective car buyers now spend 60% of their time online?  Did you know that third-party sites are the most used sites for online car shopping? What does that mean for your automotive marketing? With most the car-shopping process moving online, and increasingly most of that on mobile devices, it means your prospective buyer has made most of their decision making online before they even step into your dealership.

 “The whole notion of having to come to a dealership for service is outdated,” says Brian Benstock, general manager and VP at Paragon Honda, the largest certified pre-owned Honda dealership in the world. “If a customer doesn’t want to set foot in the dealership, they shouldn’t have to.” Source:  Think with Google Article

Digital and mobile technology have totally transformed the relationship between the dealership and the customer.  As Benstock says, “You’ve got to move at the speed of the customer. … If we don’t disrupt ourselves, the customer will do it for us.”  It’s crucial that your inventory is where people are spending most of their buyer’s journey.

Top 4 reasons to pay more attention to your online marketing:

  1. Searches for ‘pictures of [insert your automotive brand here]’ is up 37% year-over-year, and 80% of those searches are happening on mobile.  You can get your inventory seen by far more people.
  2. Searches for MSRP & list prices are at their highest levels ever now, with growth of 25% in the past year.  Again, this growth is driven by our love of our phones with 70% of those searches being done via mobile.
  3. Ratings Matter.  According to Digital AirStrike, 68% of sales customers and 64% of services customers look at review site star ratings in their search results, even if they don’t click through to read the actual reviews.
  4. Culture and Community Matter.  People care about who they are buying from and they use social to learn about the businesses they want to connect with.  Social Media is the best way to share information about your business culture and your involvement in your community.

It is critical that your online marketing accurately reflects your pricing, incentives, services, and amenities that are offered when the consumer visits your bricks-and-mortar dealership.  This takes time and a dedicated online staff to enhance your regular sales and marketing team.  And here is where we can help.  We have created a variety of online inventory marketing packages to make sure you and your sales team are spending their time closing sales instead of uploading data and images onto your inventory site and those crucial third party and social media channels.

Our packages include:

    • Up to 40 vehicle ad uploads
    • Up to 3 third-party listings per vehicle (incl: AutoTrader, Craigslist, Kijiji)
    • Daily Posting on 3 social media channels (Monday to Friday)
    • Ads Management

    Contact us now to discuss your inventory management and automotive marketing needs and we will be happy to develop a package that suits your needs