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Build your Community with Local SEO

Being that we have a new office  here in New Westminster, we are right there with our clients, using every trick, tip, and strategy to get our own brand and location noticed. And what does ‘get noticed’ in the digital age mean? For the most part, it means making sure you are ranking high in your service niche on Google. It means having a site properly optimized with the right keywords so that people can find you. It means creating content that is not only keyword heavy, but of interest to your potential customers.

What is Local SEO

One of the most effective tactics we are finding for ourselves and our clients, is to optimize our Local SEO. And what does that mean exactly? Millions of customers use local searches every day to find the best services in their area. 64% of potential local customers are using search engines like Google, Google My Business and Bing as well as directories like Yelp, FourSquare, SuperPages, and more, to find what they need ‘near them.’ 46% of all Google searches are for local businesses or services.

Since 71% of people surveyed look up a business online (mostly mobile now) before visiting it for the first time, making sure you and your address are OUT there for all see is critical to stay ahead of the competition. Heck, we just went old school since our office is right on Columbia St., and got ourselves a sandwich board. We made sure the board has ton of ways for passerby’s to easily check us out at a glance. That is what I mean by local. We want our neighbours to know we are here and ready to help! Local SEO is more than making sure your business is placed correctly on the Google Map. Ad budgets are higher than ever these days. This means you have to have your SEO game on.

How to get Noticed

Blog posts, landing pages, and well thought out content is crucial to help people find you. This means finding out how your neighbours are looking for you. What search terms are they using? Does your Google listing match what people will find on your site? Is the journey through your site smooth and easy to navigate? Does your site encourage people to either buy, click or sign up for something? Poor engagement and high bounce rates will negatively impact your performance on search engines like Google and Bing.

Local SEO is your opportunity to speak to the customers right next door. You can speak in their terms and the value propositions they want to see. Some messaging to include is:

• The origins of your product (local manufacturing)
• Eco friendly or green (if applicable)
• Local service means understanding particular needs/pain points
• References and history that speak to the local status (we love the history of the Royal City!)

Service trends these days tend to lean to a return to local and organic experiences. With the right messaging and SEO, any type of business whose customers are within a 25K radius can dominate their competition.

Talk to us about reviewing your SEO and your current website. Let’s get you noticed.