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When it comes to digital, you get what you pay for

Being that I am slightly obsessive about building strong buyer personas, I have been spending a bit of time perusing the career sites.  I wanted to see what digital holes companies were trying to fill by hiring in-house.   I also wanted to see what sort of skills they are looking for.

It has been eye-opening, to say the least.  And a tad depressing.

Observation No. 1

Many business owners still see social media as something that ‘kids do’ and therefore ‘my teenage niece can manage our accounts’ or ‘we can assign that intern that we hardly know but he looks sort of young and trendy to do it.’

Business owners are still putting more weight their on-paper and word of mouth reputation than their digital brand.  I am boggled that this doesn’t bother them.  Not only the risk to their brand but the loss of potential sales and customers because they don’t have a proper social strategy.

Observation No. 2

That digital and social marketing takes so little time, that the person you hire to manage it all (including email, SEO, PPC, etc) that you will need to find more work for them to fill up their time.  More and more digital marketer positions are being rolled into junior admin positions.

This is an insult to both digital marketers and administrators.  The implication that either requires less time and specialization shows very little regard for junior roles in their organization.

Observation No. 3

Not only are these companies entrusting junior employees with their digital marketing, they want them to be good at everything.   Not only should they know the in’s and out’ of social media marketing. Be Instagram stars, masters of Twitter, Facebook ad experts.  They need to be able to navigate Hootsuite, Slack, Trello and more.  They also need to be ‘ninja’ designer’s adept at InDesign and Adobe Photoshop.  Oh, and let’s not forget Video. They should be able to film, edit and upload to IGTV in 30 seconds flat.  And remember Observation No. 2.  They need to relieve reception while they are doing this.

Observation No. 4

Look. I am not here to tell you to hire us or any agency or freelancer because we can do it better. The issue here is that your brand and reputation as a business is what is putting food on your table and a roof over your head.   Your marketing is not the place where you should be looking at cutting corners and saving money.   Yes, you CAN do digital on a low budget.  That’s what makes it great.  But you need to be hiring people who not only understand your business and the goals of that business but also understands the best practices and strategies to get you real results.

Hiring in-house or contracting out, you need to be very careful about who you pick to basically represent YOUR company.  Do your research.  Think about the specific goals you have not only for your digital marketing but your entire sales and marketing efforts.

VanWhistle Media may be one of the new agencies in town, but we are packed with experience. We are not selling ourselves based on how ‘cool’ we are or how swank our offices are. We want to impress you with our work, not our ‘awesome’ brand.

People keep saying ‘you get what you pay for.’  But I don’t think people are truly understanding what that means, or seeing the implications.  What if your niece is losing your thousands of dollars? next customers.

The stakes are large here, can you afford to keep doing this?