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Should You Bet on Bing?

Since VanWhistle Media is new as a stand-alone company, I have been doing for it what I would do for our clients who need help getting set up online.

Online doesn’t just mean your social channels either.  Getting found online means tackling Google My Business (and all the other things Google tells you to have set up) and that other search engine that everyone forgets, Bing.

How Big is Bing

Bing Places is their portal for all things business for their search engine.  And it is nice to use, which is weird because you know, Microsoft isn’t exactly famous for its user experience.  But it is it worth it?

Well considering every single PC computer or laptop comes with either Internet Explorer or the new version – Microsoft Edge, it’s probably worth taking a little time to make sure your business is set up properly on Bing.

According to,   Chrome leads the way when it comes to browsers.  It is what I use, even on my Mac. Safari just doesn’t do it for me.

Search Engine Data

As you can see, IE and Edge don’t chew up cyberspace with marketshare, but that is still a part of the population you should not forget about.

The best part about Bing is that your business is probably already there and you just simply have to claim it.  This is (amazingly) not a difficult process and can be verified via the telephone.

To Pay or Not to Pay

Like Google, Bing has paid ads available and depending on your demographic needs, has a vastly different slice of the population.   According to Bing their users run older (73% are between 25 and 64), richer (46% make over 75k+) and are better educated (58% have an associate degree or higher).

Bing and Google approach search a bit differently too, with Google being more about gathering information while Bing helps you find what you need via maps and location.   Suffice it to say, it is well worth ensuring your spot on Bing and sharing some of your digital marketing budget for Bing ads too.  Again, this all depends on who your target audience is.  If it is a local target, then absolutely spend time on Bing.

If you want to know more about optimizing your searchability, talk to us! It’s free.