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Welcome to VanWhistle Media the new UN-agency in New Westminster


Hi!   If you are reading this your curiosity got the better of you and you are wondering what the heck is VanWhistle Media.

We want to put the UN from unmarketing in our agency!

Scott Stratten says he does ‘unmarketing.’   We like to think of ourselves as an ‘un-agency.’  Let me tell you why. There has been a lot of chatter online that the agency “model” is broken.    People seem a lot more skeptical of what a digital agency can do for them and are questioning what they are getting for their money.   Digital and social was sold as an easy and cheap way to market themselves but the instant returns many so-called experts promised them didn’t surface and so now many businesses are trying to manage their marketing in-house.

This is a good thing and a bad thing.   We think having an in-house marketing person on your team is great.  But remember, one person does not replace an entire team.  One person cannot be a great social media manager, content writer, graphic designer and email marketing expert.  These are all specialized areas that already exist in an agency.

What makes us different?

What makes us different?  We want to be your in-house marketing department.  This means that we don’t want to do the old-fashioned pitch where we tell you what WE think is wrong with your marketing and then make promises to fix it without knowing anything about you or your business.   We want to get to know you and your staff and build your digital marketing plan from within.   We want to hear your goals and dreams for the company and build on that.   We want to hear from everyone in your staff from the admin, sales, and the CEO. We want to learn about you.  We also don’t want digital marketing to remain a mysterious process.  We want to share with you the how’s and why’s so you own your digital marketing and fully understand all the stages from conception to reporting.

There is no one size fits all package when it comes to digital marketing.   It all depends on you and your customers.  Strategies will change depending on where your customers can be found.    If your customers are not on Instagram why should you spend a lot of time there?   Do they tweet?  Then let’s get you tweeting!  Is nobody visiting your website? Then let’s fix that.

So.  Come on and tell us what is bugging you when it comes to your digital marketing.   Let’s change how it’s done together.